Friday, 7 October 2011

After 30 years...


Wow it's already October. My how fast time flies. Last Saturday on 1st October 2011, i attended my primary school reunion for year 1981-1982 held at Cours Hotel. We planned the event via facebook. Eventhough some of them were unable to attend but we had a wonderful moment that day. It was fund and joy when we flashback some of the memories back to shcooldays. For example they used to make fun of my everyday hairclip but now I am different..look pleasent(they said la)..everybody look different..

Eventhough we had not seen each other for a long time but we were really frank and open and reach to comfortable level between each other. Maybe because we were always in FB.

Here is my outfit of the day

Me and beautiful Ani Husni..a successful enterprenuer..

Me and Ummizah, a asssistant bank manager

The hot Putera Zul..orang kuat Umno ni..tak sabar diorang tunggu dia datang..

Lelaki 3 org je yang join..ok la tu kan..puas kena sakat je la..especially Putera Zul..lps dia balik si Yusman pulak..tu yang ada berdiri mcm nak nyanyi nashid tu sbb berdiri sebelah Ustaz Yusman..

Ustaz Yusman recite a doa'..thanks to Allah swt giving us the chance to meet..

And thanks to Ani Husni for the hi tea..

us..30 years ago

We were really had a good time with lots of laugh, lots of gossips and stories..feel like we were young again..really kecoh la..

p/s- will meet them again for karoke session next week..

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  1. Yo! Come down to Putrajaya this Monday,k...