Thursday, 22 December 2011

Kuching Trip day 2


Feels so lazy...not to say busy with office work but anyway it is not good to be lazy, so lets continue my short hols stories in Kuching..

As planned, we proceeded to Serikin on the 2nd day. Eventhough I' have been to Kuching several times but  I never had a chance to visit Serikin coz every time when I mentioned about Serikin,  they always give a  so so impression such as "ala tak best la", "tak ada apa kat sana" but this time I finally made it there.

We started our journey around 6.30a.m. According to my friend, Faridah, the reason we left early is to avoid  congestion and hot sun.It took us less than 2 hours to reach there. This are sceneries along the way to
Serikin.Serikin market is only open on Saturday and Sunday.  According to Faridah, the goods price here will be higher than usual on this time visitors gets their earnings and tend to spent more so traders took the opportunity to "sembelih la".

Just reached Serikin..still early and not many visitors..we parked at front lot for easy exit..even at this time (7.30 a.m.) the temperature is hot.
Blazing sun at 7.31a.m at Serikin..

Shops at Serikin.....mostly the traders are Indonesian and most of the goods here are from Indonesia... just like you shops at Pasar Baru Bandung or Tanah Abang Jakarta.

My breakfast..Salted fish fried rice...many restaurants and coffee shops at this place but the food quite pricey... the fried rice cost me RM5 per plate, the taste......hehehe.

We left the place around 10 a.m headed straight to Kuching town. We reached  Kuching at almost noon and  we had our lunch at the below photo restaurant. Actually, there is stories behind this, why we stopped of my friend, Along intend to find bracelet and necklace at wholesale shop where  the tourist guide brought her on her last visit 4 months ago after came back from Orang Utan sanctuary  at Semenggoh.. so we headed to Semenggoh as we thought the place is somewhere in Semenggoh. Along slept all the way from Serikin until Semenggoh junction. After she awake, she realised that we headed a wrong way , I suggested that she call her tourist guide and what did you know...the shop is actually at Green Road  near Satok. Along...Along...

Everybody was starving so we eat here..Serapi Corner..down below is mi kolok..

Finally we found the shop...I grabbed few bangles here... the price is quite okay. Actually, I am not much in wearing jewelery.. so I not able to compare the price but Along said it was cheap.

Ummi..dreaming being Cleopatra..

Tengok Along tu..khusyuk memilih barang...

Thereafter, we went straight to hotels, resting and solat. Dinner at Top Spot..a chinese style seafood..They are a lots of shop in here so you can choose which shop you like..kedai yg my friend pilih ni harganya reasonable n sedap and she used to eat here with her family....meh tengok apa yg kitorang mkn..oh top spot ni from our hotel boleh jalan kaki je..the building is opposite grand magherita hotel..

Group pictures are a must for us...

The delicious butter prawn..

Healthy mix vege..

Sayur midin..only can be found in Sarawak..tak caya..tnya org sarawak..

Chicken with dried chilli..sedap sampai i and umi tapau bawak balik hotel.

After dinner we straight away went for karaoke at K11...finished at 1 am and went back to hotel...terus tidor kepenatan..

belum habis lagi ni..nnti sambung dgn part 3..tu dah end of the story la..

p/s - sedih baca berita tentang Arif Alfian..sampai hati ko buat mak bapak ko mcm tu ye..tak takut balasan allah swt ke?

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